Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance is adding support for credit card crypto purchases through its partnership with payment processor Simplex, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Jan. 31.

Published on: 1/31/19, 3:21 PM

You'll be surprised. WhatsApp has a trick, which few know, with which you will be able to identify those who leave you in sight in the groups.

Published on: 1/18/19, 7:20 PM

The name of this player is Richard Tyler Blevins, who is known worldwide as Ninja, has now become one of the most famous Fortnite players in the world.

Published on: 1/5/19, 5:52 PM

The act of traveling has been capturing the hearts and minds of people for generations and will continue to enchant us for hundreds of years to come.

Because of our innate fascination with travel, it’s no wonder that travel articles are as popular as they are.

Published on: 12/29/18, 5:50 PM

The life of a designer is full of missteps and mental blocks. In fact, if you’ve not been nervous about a design or if you haven’t stared at a blank page for hours searching for ideas, you’re not designing right.

You should want your creations to be meaningful, impactful, and as a result, you should ache over them.

Published on: 12/27/18, 2:22 PM

In the United States so far, no federal law has been passed to create regulations on cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the agencies decide on the actions that serve as a guide to interpret the rules to be applied based on existing laws.

Published on: 12/26/18, 5:27 PM

Whether you are in a ski resort, on an island, in the mountains, in the desert or in Antartica, from now on you can receive Bitcoin payments via satellite.

Published on: 12/21/18, 3:08 AM

Facebook has disclosed yet another privacy flub. This time around, it says a bug in the Photo API led to third-party apps being able to access not only timeline photos (which users had permitted them to do), but Stories, Marketplace images and photos people uploaded to Facebook but never actually shared.

Published on: 12/18/18, 5:18 PM

A comprehensive look at how to shorten URLs and track links for sharing on social media, video, email, print, and more.

Published on: 12/17/18, 7:17 PM